Minny v2

Sleep – with the double bed folded out, comfortably catch some shuteye in the van, with the fan running all night to keep the air circulated.

Cook – with a built-in sink, a solar powered electric refrigerator, a stove, and all your cooking and kitchen utensils, you'll be able to cook up delicious meals throughout your entire trip. 

Relax – with multiple storage spaces, LED lighting, electrical outlets, camping chairs, and a retractable awning, you and all your stuff can comfortably relax without a worry. 

Drive – with free additional drivers, 29 MPG on the highway, and a lot of open road, the only thing stopping you is, well, you! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers exploring the great outdoors, so get out there and explore!

The Minny v2 van is the perfect size for two people looking to get out of town for the weekend,  but want more space in the back than the Minny v1 offers. With a couch during a day that folds into a double bed at night, this campervan provides the extra space needed for two people to comfortably sleep, relax, cook and enjoy an adventure.

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