4 campervan-friendly travel destinations to visit in 2022

With the entirety of 2022 ahead…

It’s about time to grab your own gear and formulate an exciting travel plan in a Voyager van. We’ve rounded up four fantastic (and lesser-visited) destinations across the United States so you can drum up an adventure itinerary whenever you start getting a little stir-crazy. Take a look at these stunning, campervan-friendly travel destinations below:


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Photo credit: @jadewitt00 on Instagram (via Unsplash)

If you’re looking to take the road a little less traveled, try Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota. Early springtime and autumn offer smaller crowds, but you can still catch a glimpse of magnificent wildlife, gorgeous grasslands, and rocky scenery straight out of an old-fashioned spaghetti western. Cottonwood Campground in the park’s South Unit is an excellent spot to park your campervan before hiking out to the ever-popular Painted Canyon. You might even see a few strolling bison or pronghorn deer on your way, plus prairie dogs, burrowing owls, bighorn sheep, and so much more. It’s a wildlife lover’s dream.

  • Distance from Minneapolis: 8 hours
  • Best time to go: Late spring to early fall


Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Photo credit: Sara Parlier via Unsplash

You truly can’t beat the quick ride from Voyager’s campervan rental location in Nashville to Pisgah National Forest. Nestled between Knoxville, TN, and Charlotte, NC, this is another perfect place to park the van and explore nature. The ancient hardwood forests here span over 500,000 acres, including areas of the Blue Ridge and Great Balsam Mountains, meaning there are miles of scenic hiking trails right at your fingertips (or feet, rather). There are plenty of camping options within the park perimeter, but you can also pop outside Pisgah to visit one of the many historic landmarks nearby. Visitors often flock to Pisgah in the fall to get an eyeful of colorful changing leaves and fast-flowing whitewater rapids. So, make sure to check out our autumn campervan packing list here prior to trekking out to Pisgah this fall.

  • Distance from Nashville: 3.5 hours
  • Best time to go: Summer or fall for colors


San Juan National Forest, Colorado

Photo credit: @cjkastein on Instagram (via Unsplash)

Pack up the van and head out to Colorado to see the beautiful San Juan National Forest. Just north of the New Mexico border sits the small city of Durango, CO: The doorway to San Juan. This sprawling national forest encompasses nearly 2 million acres of incredible alpine peaks, vibrant valleys, and freshwater lakes full of native fish. With so much land coverage, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in the San Juan National Forest. Book an advanced reservation for your Voyager van at one of the many available campgrounds before trekking out on rugged backcountry hikes with beautiful views guaranteed. The San Juan National Forest is breathtaking – both figuratively and literally – so don’t forget a can of compressed oxygen to combat any altitude sickness along the way.

  • Distance from Austin: 14 hours
  • Best time to go: Spring


Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

As the park’s name implies, many of the outdoor activities in Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park revolve around its relaxing water resources. That means you’ll want to plan your visit for a time of year that you feel comfortable shedding a couple of layers to submerge in thermal springs. Gulpha Gorge Campground is a great place to park the van before ooh and ahh-ing your way around 26 miles of scenic hiking trails surrounding the historic bath houses of Hot Springs National Park.

  • Distance from Nashville: 5 hours
  • Distance from Austin: 7 hours
  • Best time to go: Early spring or late fall


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