Autumn packing list: 7 must-haves for fall campervan travel

Sweaters! Fall drinks! Crunchy leaves!

… To say we’re excited about the changing seasons is a downright understatement, even if saying ‘see you later’ to summer is bittersweet. Autumn camping is a different ballgame with changes in the weather, so be sure to pack accordingly for all leaf-peeping adventures. Save some room on your packing list for these 7 fall campervan travel must-haves:


Campfire treats

Alright, this one qualifies as a year-round essential – but there’s nothing like campfire treats with a fall twist for this season. Look no further than North Mallow for Minnesota-local made marshmallows. We love that they’re made with real ingredients (that you can actually read and pronounce). Not to mention, they have caramel swirl marshmallows, which offer a prime opportunity to make caramel apple s’mores. Oh yeah, we’re dreamin’ of ‘em just writing this.


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A few other fall campfire treat ideas:


Fire starter

A solid campfire is non-negotiable when it comes to fall camping. To make your life easier, bring a fire starter – unless you’re super confident in your fire building abilities. For those with less experience, extra gear like fire starter tinder or survival matches can make it go a little smoothly, especially for those damp or misty fall evenings.


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A few product options available at REI:


Card or board game

Whether it’s the 2-person version of Catan, a regular ole deck of cards, or Monopoly for two – card games are essential for those cozy nights next to the campfire.


Warm layered clothing

Layers are your best friend when it comes to autumn camping. Because, you know, sometimes it’s gonna be 65 degrees and other times it’s suddenly below 40. We love the colorful socks and cozy knitwear from Hippy Feet: A Minneapolis-based company dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness. Each sale enables them to provide transitional employment to people in need. Not only is it for a good cause, the sock patterns are epic.


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Clothing shortlist:

  • Thermals
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • A thicker jacket, just in case


Rain coat

Going off our last point, you’ll want to tack on a raincoat to the list of wearable packing gear. We love the M’s Stretch Voyagr Jacket from Kuhl (nice name, eh?!) since it feels more like a hoodie but protects you from the elements like a full-on coat.


Your favorite warm beverages

You’ll find packets of Kuju Coffee in our vans, so your first few mugs of pocket-sized  pour-over are on us. And, of course, hot chocolate is another one of those non-negotiable items. We love Mike & Jens hot cocoa mixes, and their headquarters are right up north in Duluth, Minnesota.


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Some more fall drink inspiration:




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You should always camp with one of these – but since the sun sets earlier this time of year, you’ll be spending some more time awake post sundown. Get a headlamp to make those evening walks (or camp set ups) a little easier. REI has a bunch of options to choose from here.

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