There are giant troll statues scattered around middle America. Here’s how to find them in a campervan

A troll tour via campervan? Yes, we’re serious

We never thought we’d feature a “troll tour” on the Voyager blog, but hey – there’s a first for everything. Unlike typical campervan jaunts, chasing Danish artist Thomas Danbo’s giant troll sculptures is a formidable way to combine the arts and outdoors. Made entirely from recycled materials, these towering sculptures are shrouded in nature, oftentimes going undetected by the masses.


With sculptures all over the world, including Europe and Asia, a Thomas Danbo troll tour could take you all over the place – but we’ll start with middle America. Departing from Nashville, hop in a Voyager Campervan and head north to see Danbo’s troll sculptures at these stopping points:


Stop 1: Blackberry Mountains, Tennessee 

Nestled in the leafy Blackberry Mountains with a staggering skyline view, Danbo’s 20-foot tall meditating troll sculpture – named Leo the Enlightened – sits in the forest with legs crossed. Big enough to provide seating for two people on each knee, the sculpture would be quite a confusing sight in the middle of nowhere if you weren’t actively searching for it. While the exact location isn’t disclosed, Danbo’s YouTube video of Leo the Enlightened provides more context clues.

  • Distance from Nashville: Just over 3 hours


Stop 2: Bernheim, Kentucky

Throughout the Bernheim Forest, Danbo has left three giant troll sculptures, so you’ll be trekking around here a bit more than the last stop. Little Nis, Little Elina, and Mama Lou – a family of massive recycled material trolls – are the most unusual trio around. With over 16,000 acres of land full of 40 miles of trails, spending a few days around Bernheim is never a bad idea, either.

  • Distance from Stop 1: Just over 4 hours


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Stop 3: Dayton, Ohio

Just northwest of Dayton in the Aullwood Audubon, Danbo’s troll population continues, this time with a nest and some wings. Amid the woods with prairielands, meadows, and ponds – trolls named Bibbi, Bodil, and Bo have found a home. This 200-acre nature sanctuary has 8 miles of walking trails, and its close proximity to Dayton makes it easy to check out the city as well. You’ll have to pay admission for the audubon, but it’s only $8-12 depending on your age (and free for kids under 3).

  • Distance from Stop 2: Just under 3 hours


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