4 websites to help you find a campsite for your next campervan vacation

Campervan booked? Check. Bags packed? Check. Places to camp on your trip? Not so much. 

Finding a campsite can be the most difficult part of a campervan trip. Possibly, the only difficult part! Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of days on the road and camped in all sorts of places. Some of those places were pretty majestic, and some were not what you would call “Instagram-worthy”. 

Here's 4 websites to help you find a campsite on your next VANcation.

I founded Voyager Campervans with the goal to make the outdoors more accessible and we work everyday to ensure that your experience with Voyager is easy. Since launching Voyager Campervans, we have undoubtedly made it much easier to experience the outdoors, but we have also received the common question: “Where can I park this thing?” I’ll be the first to say that the campsite booking industry still has a long way to go, but there have been great strides over the past few years. Here are the four places I go when I need to book a campsite: 

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Recreation.gov is a great website to help you find a campsite.

The Recreation.gov website was completely revamped in 2019 and is an awesome resource to find campsites in state parks, regional parks and national parks. Over 200,000 campsites can be booked through this platform.


Find a campsite on someone's land with HipCamp.

Think Airbnb, but for campsites. Private landowners allow you to book a space on their land to to set up and camp. The site provides access to a lot of unique experiences, including camping on farms and nature preserves. 

Are you a private land owner looking to make some cash? List your land on their site

National Forests – Dispersed Camping

Of all the camping options, we still love dispersed camping the most.

Dispersed camping five miles from Crater Lake National Park

In my opinion, there is no better camping than dispersed camping in national forests. On the US Forest Service website they explain it like this: “Dispersed camping is camping in the general forest area. You may set up camp anywhere so long as you are not within certain distances from developed areas. This means you may not set up a dispersed campsite within a developed campground or adjacent to it, or on a road, or on a trail.”

The best way to determine if there is dispersed camping in a national forest on your campervan trip is to simply Google “dispersed camping _____ national forest.” The US Forest Service website will be one of the top results. You can also check out their website here: www.fs.usda.gov

The best part of dispersed camping: IT’S FREE! 


Allstays.com is a great resource for all-things road tripping.

This website was recommended by our Ops Manager, Emma. Allstays is a huge database for everything from campsites to truck stops, and really anything you might need for life on the road. They also have a great app that you can download for Apple

Lastly, you can find a lot of great info by a simple Google search of blogs that highlight the best campsites in a certain area. 

We hope this helps you on your next trip

Happy Voyaging,


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