5 things you learn from traveling in a campervan

Packing up your daily routine into a cozy-sized campervan is far from your average experience—and that’s what makes it downright enticing. Getting creative with less space and making spontaneous decisions are part of the magic that comes with van travel, teaching some incredibly valuable lessons in tandem. The things you learn from traveling in a campervan can’t be found in a textbook; that’s for sure.

Here are a few lessons we’ve learned along the road (some of them the hard way):

Most strangers are just friends waiting to happen 

Most strangers are just friends waiting to happen

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You know when people see a cute dog and they immediately rush up to greet it? Yeah, that’s kind of how the van community feels (with more verbal communication, that is). You’ll find that everyone is quite kind and engaging, especially when you have a cool rig they’d love to take a peek at. Van travelers are a social bunch, so don’t be surprised when friendly folks approach you at random in the middle of the forest. Even if you’re rolling solo, it’s the best.

Owning less things = so much more freedom

Owning less things = so much more freedom

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Carrying excessive stuff simply isn’t an option when you’re traveling in a campervan…which you’ll realize ASAP after trying to cram in your 4th suitcase. Van travel pushes you to understand how few items are really needed—enabling you to separate necessities from frivolous wants and clutter. You’ll be able to move around easier, save money and space, and live a more eco-friendly life as you reduce your overall carbon footprint. Less really is more.

You realize what you take for granted (and become more flexible)

You realize what you take for granted (and become more flexible)

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We won’t lie; there have been times we’ve craved a shower or a little more space during our journeys. Traveling in a campervan puts things in perspective, making you extra appreciative of modern day conveniences. It’ll make you a more flexible person, less likely to get upset when the water runs lukewarm or when you get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. You’ll find yourself laughing at minor inconveniences and appreciating the little things in life—like wildflowers on the dashboard.

You get to know yourself…like really fast

You get to know yourself...like really fast

Photo credit: @garrett_shelley on Instagram

When you ditch your regular comforts and surroundings, you’ve more or less entered the fast track to self discovery. Unusual circumstances and new experiences teach us a lot about ourselves—how we interact with people who are different, what makes us feel passionate, and the way we respond to some of the inevitable tricky times during travel. Travel has the capacity to throw you right out of your comfort zone, more often than not resulting in self discovery.

“My absolute favorite travel experiences have been on solo trips. Traveling by yourself is freeing, terrifying, uncomfortable and wonderful all at the same time. You’re constantly put in situations where you learn so much about who you are and grow by making decisions on your own.” — Emma Remer, Voyager’s Operations Manager.

It’s not always easy, but it’s beyond worth it

Campervan travel things you learn

Allow us to state the obvious: campervan travel is nothing like staying at a 5-star resort. That’s right, it’s much more rewarding than that. Despite the occasional trials and tribulations, there’s nothing like navigating your way through some of the world’s most stunning landscapes feeling free as can be. After all, overcoming little bumps in the road makes the overall journey so much sweeter.

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