Meet Nadia from InsideOut Moz: The creative designer behind the textiles in Voyager’s vans

If you’ve ever taken a gander at the cushions or curtains in one of our vans and thought “wow, those are pretty snazzy!”, you’re not alone…they’re a crowd favorite. We’re pleased to introduce you to Nadia Jacomet, the founder of InsideOut Moz: a Mozambique-inspired fashion brand that Voyager has the pleasure of collaborating with on our interior design. Here’s her story. 


Nadia has been an ambassador of the arts for as long as she can remember

Being from Mozambique, the arts play a major role inside of the culture, and Nadia could do it all. Starting in music school at the age of 10, she picked up all the skills to become a great performer. She took a particular interest in dancing, but was guided toward playing the guitar and singing. She was noticed by locals at the age of 16 and would be asked to go on the local television station to perform. She instantly became a star, and soon started dressing like Avril Lavigne, her main inspiration.

Nadia InsideOut Moz Designer

Photo Credit: InsideOut Moz

By the time she was 18 she started to perform in bands, and was getting the opportunity to travel the world. She always had a deep curiosity for the arts and a dream to perform in America. She continued to travel and perform until she was 25 (2012), getting a taste for life outside of Mozambique. 

As this curiosity grew, Nadia started to realize that music was not her passion. She was always pushed to play the guitar, and to sing by her parents. Even though she was a natural talent, she always knew that she wanted something different. Throughout her travels, she gained new inspirations and started to gravitate toward fashion. Because there was not a wide range of clothing available in Mozambique, and no one could make the things that were in her head, she started designing her own clothes. As this new passion grew, she would drop the guitar and stop performing all together.


Gradually, she made the shift from music into design


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Soon, she would be recognized by the locals once again for her amazing designs and attention to detail. She started designing her own clothes for work. She didn’t believe that she had the talent to actually go public, but friends & colleagues would suggest otherwise and push her to design full time. 

She started developing her craft and came up with better and better designs, and she soon would feel comfortable enough to officially start “InsideOut Moz” in 2017. Soon after, she saw an opportunity to come to the United States for 6 months and test her designs in the Washington DC area. As she gained notoriety from her peers, she knew that this was something she wanted to pursue further.


She would soon return to Mozambique to continue her passion

InsideOut Moz Nadia Designer

Photo Credit: InsideOut Moz

Focusing her time on new designs and different markets to sell in. Over time it became more and more difficult to pursue her dream in Mozambique because there was not a strong enough market to support a fashion designer. She would go back to an old employer at an International Health Insurance Firm to support herself while living in Mozambique, and waiting to seize her next opportunity.

InsideOut Moz would be put on the back burner, and the future of the brand was unknown. Life may have caught up with Nadia, and the reality of a career in a traditional setting was coming to fruition. Her natural attraction to the arts would not fade completely as it has always been a part of her life. She would continue to create clothing for herself within the work setting, but she had become overwhelmed with her new career, and unable to continue “InsideOut Moz” as she had hoped.


Despite an uncertain future, she continued to showcase her work

In an attempt to salvage her brand, in mid 2018 she would come up with all new designs and organize a photoshoot to create more content to share. The day before the photoshoot her and a friend, an artist from Germany, would go to a music festival in the city of Maputo, where she is from. Little did she know that this particular day would change her life completely.

It was the night of the festival, Nadia became hungry and wanted to grab some food before leaving to go home, and rest for the next day. She would run into an American by the name of Nick. They started talking about fashion, travels, and food. Soon the conversation would shift to Nadia’s photoshoot. Nick knew of the perfect model, and directed her to Sam. 


Meet Sam: Peace Corps Volunteer (and Newfound InsideOut Moz model)

InsideOut Moz Sam

Photo Credit: InsideOut Moz

Sam was a Peace Corps volunteer who had been serving in Mozambique for a year. Nick had come to visit him, and they had just begun their two week journey, traveling through Mozambique. Sam was instantly down for a photoshoot the next day, but didn’t show much promise in actually going. Sam and Nick had no signs of slowing down the fun at the music festival, and Nadia worried that they would forget about their conversation.

The next day came, and the photoshoot took place with Sam and 5 others, modeling Nadia’s new clothing line. It was a great success, and an amazing moment for Sam and Nick to share together as part of their journey through Mozambique. The two would go about their trip and travel hundreds of miles, getting a taste of life in Moz.


Soon enough, they went from travel partners to life partners


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Months later, Sam would find himself in Maputo again — and once again finding Nadia out with friends. As soon as they saw each other, they knew that it had to be destiny that brought them together. The two started a correspondence and soon started formulating a life together back in the United States. 

It was their dream to have their own business, as Sam had his own ideas upon his return to the States, he knew that Nadia would be able to incorporate her own unique talents. They spend endless hours discussing their future and the future of InsideOut Moz. This conversation continues today as they live together in South Dakota.

Nadia has been in the States for 9 months now. This time has been important to refocus on her work and reestablish herself into becoming a fashion designer. She is in the beginning stages of starting a new clothing line that includes men’s and women’s apparel, along with accessories and bags that fit both men and women. 


How InsideOut Moz and Voyager Campervans found each other


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Sam’s friend Nick has also refocused his work into a partnership with Voyager Campervans as lead engineer and designer. In March, Nick would ask InsideOut Moz if they could create cushions and curtains for the new vans that were to be released in 2020. This was a huge honor for Sam and Nadia to be a part of Voyager, and they are very grateful for the opportunity. 

Nadia is not only a fashion designer, but a creative at heart. She has been inspired by so many, but she credits her parents over everyone. They gave her the art of doing, and creating with intention. She loves working with her hands, and pushing her limits as an artist. 

On the surface, this journey has been going on for quite some time, but in reality it is only the beginning of InsideOut Moz. We are so grateful for this opportunity to partner up with Voyager Campervans and we hope to continue the connection that Sam, Nick and Nadia have formed over the last couple of years.

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