How to travel in a campervan with your partner (without driving each other crazy)

Ask most couples how they feel about spending a week in a walk-in closet sized space with their partner and you’re bound to get some laughs—most of them endearing, we’ve found. From food prep snafus to socks lost in your partner’s avalanche of luggage, there are a few challenges that come with being together in an enclosed space. Teamwork truly makes the dream work during van travel, so here’s a list of our go-to tips for hitting the road in a campervan with your partner.


Carve out some time for a few solo activities

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Finding time for solitude is a fine art when traveling as a duo, especially if you have all of the same sightseeing interests. Whether taking a mini hike by yourself or just posting up with a quality book on the other side of the van, setting aside designated time for solo activities will not only give you some breathing room—it’ll make you more appreciative of the time you do spend together (yes, even after the 3rd bathroom pit stop in one hour).

Items for success: Podcasts, books, and some serious solo travel inspiration.


Sort out what to bring and how to organize it beforehand

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Haphazard piles of camping gear all over the back of the van might be commonplace for some folks, but for the more organized traveler, it poses an organizational nightmare. Believe us; we’ve learned a thing or two about living with less thanks to traveling in vans. Discuss how much you’re bringing and where to put it before packing up to make sure you’re on the same page. 

Items for success: A van-approved packing list and plenty of open communication.


Avoid getting hangry—plan your meals in advance

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The only thing worse than being hangry is being trapped in a small space with someone else who’s feeling hangry. In case you missed it, the irritability resulting from hunger brings you “hanger”, something you should avoid at all costs while traveling together. If meal prepping sounds too Instagram fitness influencer-esque for you, we highly recommend at least keeping snacks stashed in all cubbies of the van.

Items for success: Road-friendly recipes, granola bars, dried fruit, trail mix, and lots of patience.


Plan your routes and driving duties before leaving

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Depending on how much of a spontaneous couple you are, this one will differ slightly from pair to pair. Having a chat about activities, routes, and driving responsibilities beforehand is the best way to ensure you won’t run into conflict later—like when one of you wants to trek up mountains 4 days in a row and the other just wants to chill out by the fire. This way, both of you can get the most out of the trip with expectations laid out in advance.

Items for success: A list of epic destinations to choose from when planning your adventure.


Be honest, open, and don’t take things too seriously

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You’d be surprised at how much you’ll grow together from traveling in a campervan—trials, tribulations, euphoric moments, and everything in between. Even if it pours nonstop and you get helplessly lost, at the end of the day you can still park and pop a bottle of champagne to unwind together.

Items for success: Two adventurous people and one well-stocked campervan.

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