“Where do you shower?” and 5 other commonly asked questions about campervan travel

Campervan travel: It’s magically enticing and awe-inspiring, not to mention, filled with limitless possibilities when it comes to your daily schedule. With great flexibility comes great adventure, and that’s one of the absolute best things about traveling in a van.

Between how to cook pasta in a random desert and practical Q’s about mileage, we’ve gotten a lot of the same questions over the years. Without further ado, here are 6 common questions about campervan travel:


Is it eco-friendly?

Photo Credit: Chris Bermensolo in the Grand Tetons

The short answer is: Yes! Compared to other methods of travel, campervan adventures are much more sustainable than alternatives. Our vans get 28 miles per gallon, which is a lot more economical from a gas consumption standpoint compared to RVs, and waaay more green than air travel. Add a few of our favorite sustainability practices to your exploring routine, and you’ll be well on your way to being a more green traveler.


How and where do you shower?


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Never underestimate the power of a good truck stop. Truck drivers mastered the art of showering on-the-go long before #VanLife became popular, and luckily the new shower infrastructure is available for everyone. Most truck stop showers offer basic soaps, but you’ll likely want to bring a little shower caddy of your own. Beyond roadside suds, here are a few other ways to lather up in between travel days:

  • Campgrounds
  • Natural bodies of water with outdoor-safe soaps
  • Portable showers (if you’re feeling high tech).

When in drought, you’d be amazed how much cleaner a few wet wipes and dry shampoo will make you feel.


Is it hard to travel with dogs?

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Maybe if they steal the bed from you — but otherwise, we’ve had tons of travelers bring their dogs along for their journeys over the years, without any added difficulty. Here are a few quick tips for bringing your pals with paws on the road:

  • Bring a “dog towel” to wipe them down after they’ve been out and about. We charge a small cleaning fee either way, but this’ll make both our lives easier.
  • Have a designated bag for dog stuff. Food, leashes, toys, meds, etc.
  • Bring a lightweight dog bed. It’s perfect for being cozy by the campfire together.


Is it possible to camp in or around cities?


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Typically, it’s illegal to camp out on public property around cities without a permit. That’s not to say urban campervan travel doesn’t exist — it’s just a bit tricker to find your spot, and depends on each city’s signage. 

You wouldn’t expect it, but campsites are pretty in-reach of most cities, especially where our depots are located. Check out our list of websites that can help you find a campsite, whether you’re cruisin’ through downtown or trying to post up in the middle of nowhere.


How can you refill water on the road?

Skip the single-use plastics! We include reusable 4 or 5 gallon buckets in every one of our vans, so you’ll stay stocked (and more eco-friendly). There are plenty of ways to refill water for free while on the road, for all uses. Here are a few ways to go about it:

  • Gas stations. Specifically, places like Pilot or TA will have taps for public use.
  • Forest ranger stations. They typically have faucets available for hikers and campers.
  • National Parks. Even if you’re not staying the night in the park, you can likely refill H2O.
  • City and state parks. Water fountains galore! Bring the reusable bottles.
  • Businesses you shop at. Don’t be afraid to ask for a refill.


Are there any downsides?

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Sure, you might go on a scavenger hunt for a shower once in a while, but we’re firm believers that those little challenges are what makes the entire experience so much more rewarding. Whether you’re zipping through the country’s best forest drives or working while traveling, campervan travel is a blast — and even better once you’ve gotten into the flow of it. See you on the road, friends.

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