How to not smell bad during summer campervan travel

Road trip hygiene – the stakes are even higher in summer

It’s easy to stay cool in a Voyager Van, between air conditioning when the engine is on and a ceiling fan to keep it breezy at night. But after day-long hikes, warm afternoons in the wilderness, and a handful of pit stops in 90 degree weather, you might be wondering: How could I possibly smell good during summer campervan travel? It’s a good question. We have the answers.

Spare your travel partners from unsavory scents. Try these travel-friendly hygiene hacks:


Stock up on items to take “portable showers”

If you’re traveling in our  4 person campervan, you’ll be able to use the van’s outdoor shower – which we highly recommend. It’s the best way to stay fresh in the middle of nowhere. When traveling in the Minny 2 person campervan, keeping these products on hand makes on-the-go hygiene easy:

  • Baby wipes
  • Eco-friendly dry shampoo or soap from our friends at Mellow Oak
  • Washcloth to use with the van’s sink



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Air out your dirty laundry, or use a proper laundry bag

Hanging out those hiking socks goes a long way, compared to leaving them crumbled up in the back of the van. Air dry any sweaty clothes before bundling them away into a pile of dirty laundry – you’ll save yourself from some unpleasant smells, especially if you plan on re-wearing it more than a few times (we never judge). Keep your “past the point of return”-level dirty clothes in a fully sealed laundry bag to avoid smells creeping out.


Shower at truck stops – they’re all over the place

Underrated and often overlooked, many travelers miss out on the glory that is a truck stop shower facility. They’re often high quality and super clean – the perfect place to pull over and freshen up in between campsites. Not to mention, they’re all over the place, so it’s easy to make a quick stop off the highway.



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Be mindful of what you keep in the van

Take the trash out frequently, and avoid leaving any perishables out in the van. Since the fridge stays on even while the engine is off, your snacks will stay cool even on the hottest days. A seemingly innocent banana peel left in the cup holder is a recipe for stench on a hot summer day – the type that will make your whole backpack or suitcase smelly. 



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